TSMC's advanced manufacturing process is invincible

Gokul Hariharan, Head of Research in Taiwan, JPMorgan Chase, pointed out that TSMC’s advanced process is supported by major customers such as Qualcomm and Nvidia, and Intel has expanded its advanced process outsourcing. In the next few years, the market share of 5nm will be around 90%, and that of 3nm will be introduced. At 80%-90% , "beat the invincible player in the industry".

According to Taiwanese media "Business Times" report, Gokul Hariharan said that Qualcomm, 2022 and 2023 flagship SoC chips will be manufactured by TSMC, but the 2024 orders are currently still being pulled between TSMC’s N3E and Samsung’s 3nm process, and it may eventually be possible. The two companies have obtained partial orders for different categories.

For Nvidia, since 2020, its orders have been allocated to TSMC and Samsung at the same time. The former has taken all AI chip orders, and the latter has taken orders for 8nm process gaming GPUs. Hariharan judges that in 2022, in addition to consolidating AI chip orders, TSMC will also obtain some high-end gaming GPU orders to gain more market share.

In terms of Intel outsourcing, according to JPMorgan Chase’s estimates, Intel may hand over FPGA chips and some GPUs to TSMC’s 3nm process OEM in 2023. The peak demand is likely to be as high as 20,000 pieces per month, and it will be promoted to the second place in the 3nm process in 2023. Big customers.

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