Upgrade Android 12, Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/Ultra/ Note 20 models start One UI 4 test recruitment

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G & Galaxy S20 series & Galaxy Note20 series users opened the One UI 4 internal beta experience today. At present, S20 series users have reported that they have received the update push (update: Z Fold3 delayed Tomorrow, the Note 20 series will be normal).

If you have the relevant unlocked device, you can register for the beta version to use the application (registration application needs to be submitted through the Galaxy community). Previously, the Galaxy S21 series and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G have begun testing One UI 4, while Galaxy Z Fold3 5G has been postponed.

The beta version is only available to users who have successfully registered. The beta version is not an unofficial version, so it may cause some glitches. In addition, some functions may not be available.

In addition, users can also download the "Gales Community" App from the Samsung App Store, start it after installation, and then click "Announcement", and then submit the "OneUI Beta Program" through "Sign up for One Ul Beta Program" in the "Announcement" Application form. If the user has a Samsung account and meets all the conditions for participation, the entire registration process can be completed.

The Samsung One UI 4 test version is based on the new Android 12 version. Users who are qualified for the test open the community app, click the "reminder" icon in the upper right corner, view the message, and open the 4.0 push message. If there is one, it is usually a link in blue font. , Or a picture link, just click it.

What is the One Ul Beta plan?

Samsung promotes the One UI Beta program independently owned, managed and operated by it, and provides a better experience and reliable software based on user feedback. If you participate in the One UI Beta program, you will have the opportunity to experience the new features and the latest UX based on the new Android before others. During the beta program, you can directly send us feedback and experience related to performance, stability, and usability, and provide valuable help for us to release optimized software.

Do I need to pay to participate in the One Ul Beta program and download the Beta software?

In essence, this plan is free, but requires you to connect to a wired or wireless network to install and update the software. Because the use of data network may incur costs, we recommend that you download and update the software under Wi-Fi connection.

How to participate in the Beta version program?

Please download the "galaxy community" app from the Samsung App Store. After the installation is complete, start the "Gails Community" application, then click "Announcement", and then submit the "OneUI Beta Program" application form through "Sign up for One Ul Beta Program" in the "Announcement". If you have a Samsung account and meet all the conditions for participation, you can complete the entire registration process.

OneUl4 update (Android 12 One Ul 4 everything exists for you. It makes you comfortable, protects your privacy, and respects the way you show yourself. In order to let you use the Samsung cover

We have introduced a lot of new designs when we have an experience without a sense of distance when we use LUXE equipment. OneUl4 retains your favorite design, while adding a lot of new features and strengthening some of the functions, more personalized custom designs than previous versions, respecting your independent choice. More intuitive, more interesting, safer and more convenient. Please review the changes below.

The main screen

Redesigned the home screen widgets so that you can get more information at a glance and make your home screen more stylish. We will also recommend you some small components that are helpful to you in use.

Lock screen

From the locked screen, you can now change the audio output path, such as from headphones or speakers. You can also customize the control method according to the music application you use. On the locked screen, the new voice recorder widget will help you record your voice without unlocking the device.

A one-month calendar will be displayed in the calendar widget to help you get your event information in time on the lock screen.

Screen reminder

You can set the screen reminder to turn on when you receive a notification.

New animated stickers can be used.

Shortcut panel

By improving the layout of notifications, you can manage your notifications more easily.

The brightness bar in the shortcut panel is displayed larger than in previous versions, allowing you to see the adjustment range more clearly.

Dark mode

Wallpapers and icons will now be automatically dimmed to make the display effect more consistent and make your eyes more comfortable.


When charging, a new visual effect will be displayed to assist you in checking the charging speed

Samsung keyboard

Enter your emoticons, gifs and stickers directly with a button on the keyboard, and show yourself with just one tap.

Do you want to express something new? Combine two emojis and add an animation so you can fully express your feelings.

Support downloading new animated stickers.

The new writing assistant provided by Grammarly (only supports English) can help you keep your grammar and spelling correct.


Now when you enter the reminder application, a preview video will be played to help you understand everything that the Galaxy device can do.


You can customize the application list on the sharing panel to avoid confusion of application sorting. Both the application list and the file recipient list can be scrolled left and right for faster access.

When you try to share photos with poor results, such as poorly focused or poorly framed photos, you will get some repair suggestions so that you can share your perfect photos.


You will enjoy a simpler and clearer layout, the preview interface only displays the information you need. If the light is low or you are scanning files, the scene optimization button will only be displayed in photo mode. The setting of night mode is now more intuitive.

Lens zoom: To make zooming easier, you can check the zoom level on the lens icon.

Never miss a video: Now after clicking the "Record" button, recording will start immediately. In the "photograph" mode, keep pressing the "capture" button to start video recording. Drag your finger to the "lock" icon to continue recording.

Single shot: Add extra time to the single shot so you don't miss important moments. After shooting, we improved the menu to help you easily choose the perfect picture.

Professional mode: The design of the setting menu is more concise. When the grid line setting is turned on, the level indicator will help you adjust the lens to take a more perfect picture.

Enhanced scanning function: After scanning the document, you can zoom in and zoom out, adjust and edit, and select the content you need. When scanning the QR code, you can select the options provided according to the type of the QR code.

Photo album

Open the story, a video preview will now be displayed with some highlight videos.

For albums containing a large number of photos, there are more options to help sort them.

To help you find pictures and videos, we have improved the search suggestions. Recent content searches will also be used as recommendations.

The adjusted photo can be restored to its original appearance, even after saving it, it can be restored.

Picture and video editor

Now you can add funny emoticons and stickers to your pictures and videos. You can select multiple photos and videos from the album to create a video collage.

The new light balance option allows you to edit the tones of the picture more easily.

You can restore the edited video to its original appearance, even after saving it.

Faces, pets, buildings, or any other objects extracted from one photo can be pasted on another photo.

Dynamic cute shooting

Use dynamic cute photos as avatars in contacts and Samsung accounts. You can choose from emoticons or create new emoticons yourself.

New cute stickers will decorate your photos and share them with your friends.

You can use the pictures you draw to dress up your dynamic cute photos


The option menu of the pop-up window is fixedly displayed at the top of the pop-up window, making it easier for you to make selection operations.

Easier to adjust the zoom effect of the pop-up window.

When using the side-screen panel, the current application can still be viewed normally, removing the effect of the previous blurry display.


The new "Safety and Emergency" menu can help you manage all emergency contacts and safety-related information under a fixed menu.

Improved search function can find relevant settings when you need help. You will get suggestions for related functions based on the searched content.

Digital health

Monitor with the new driving detector to make sure your eyes are on the driving road. You will receive reports on the length of time you have used your phone and which applications have been used.


The dual clock widget now displays different background colors, depending on whether the current time in each city is day or night.


The new calendar layout allows you to quickly add events. By improving the search function, you can find events more quickly.

The new widget can display your monthly calendar and events of the day on the home screen.

Create a shared calendar and invite other Galaxy users to join.


Photos, videos, web links and other content will be displayed in the search results of the information application.

My file

The search function has been improved. Even if you make a character input error, you can still find the file you are looking for.

We expanded the display area of ​​recent files to help you find the files you recently used more easily.

Samsung browser

When you enter text in the address bar, you will get more search suggestions. We redesigned the style of the result display.

On the home screen, a new search widget can help you find what you are looking for.

In order to protect your privacy, if you used the private mode during the previous browsing, the Samsung browser will automatically start in the private mode.

Samsung Dex

Application compatibility has been improved, allowing more applications to be resized.

Change the scroll direction of the touchpad in the DeX settings to match your personal preferences.

Smart Manager

The main interface displays battery and safety issues, which is convenient and quick to solve the problem.

The main interface will display an emoji to help you quickly understand the overall status of the phone.

Samsung Health

At the bottom of the screen, a new tab layout can help you access the functions you need more quickly.

The new "My Page" tab will display your personal information, weekly summary, micro chapters, and personal best.

Your gender option can be set to "other" or "don't want to say"

It is now easier to invite friends to participate in team challenges by sending links.

Some snack information has also been added to the food tracker.

Bixby daily routine

You can now support more conditions in your daily routines. Start a routine routine during a call or when you receive a notification.

Daily program can set more content. There are more options for connecting and disconnecting Bluetooth devices.

On the edit page, you can rearrange actions by dragging. Now also added advanced options, wait and confirm the operation before starting the operation, etc.

We have removed some restrictions on conditions and action combinations, so you can do more things in daily routines.

You can use the photos in the camera or album to create custom icons for your daily routines.


Move the mouse pointer to one of the four corners of the screen to perform operations faster.

You can customize the display mode, set high contrast or large display mode.

More visibility options can meet your needs. You can reduce the transparency and blur effect and you can also set the screen to be extremely dark.

You can set a different color for each application, so you can easily determine the source of the notification.

The zoom-in preview window has been merged with the new zoom-in menu, providing you with more options for zooming in on the screen.


In the permission manager, you can check which applications are accessing sensitive permissions, such as location, camera, microphone, etc. You can deny access to any application that dislikes you.

When any application uses the camera or microphone, a green dot will appear in the upper right corner of the screen, so you can find out if any application is recording or recording you without your consent. You can also temporarily block all applications from using the shortcut panel control.

Take more control over applications that want to access your location. For applications that only need to know your area, such as the weather application, you can allow the application to access your approximate location so that the application cannot get your exact location.

When you need to copy sensitive information, such as passwords or credit card numbers, in order to avoid disclosure, you can choose to be notified when the current application is copied to the clipboard of another application.

Some applications need to be updated separately after One Ul 4 is upgraded.

Five models of Samsung Galaxy S21 series, Z Flip3 5G, Z Fold3 5G will be upgraded in December this year, while last year’s flagship model will be launched in January next year, Samsung W22 5G\S20 FE and many models from two years ago Models will be pushed in February, and other mainstream mid-to-low-end models will be upgraded and pushed in batches from March to June.

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