Vivo Developer Conference will be held on December 16th

Vivo officially announced that the 2021 Developers Conference will be officially held in the morning of December 16th. The theme is "From 1 to Positive Infinity". There will be 1 main venue and 6 special venues. The way of live broadcast online.

In the main venue, Shi Yujian, senior vice president of vivo, will deliver a keynote speech "From 1 to positive infinity, vivo starts from the original to create a diversified future with infinite possibilities"; the vice president of vivo, the dean of vivo global AI research institute, and the chief of vivo Safety Officer Lu Jinghui will also share relevant content with the theme of "Design Driven: Work Together to Create the Spear of Science and Technology, and Jointly Achieve the Joy of Humanity."

On December 9th, vivo will also release a new original OriginOS Ocean system, which may be explained at the developer conference. In addition, this year's vivo developer conference is also expected to be laid out for OriginOS Ocean.

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