Wanye Enterprise: High-energy ion implanter has passed customer verification

Wanye Enterprise responded to investors on the Shanghai Stock Exchange E interactive platform today. The high-energy ion implanter equipment of the company's CST has successfully passed customer verification and completed acceptance. This is the first time that a domestic high-energy ion implanter has passed the fab verification.

ion implanters are key equipment in chip manufacturing. In the chip manufacturing process, different kinds of elements need to be doped to change the electrical properties of the material in a predetermined way. These elements are accelerated to predetermined energy in the form of charged ions and injected into a specific semiconductor material. The ion implanter performs this Chip manufacturing equipment for the doping process.

The high-energy ion implanter is the most technically difficult model among ion implanters. For a long time, due to its extremely difficult research and development and high industry competition barriers, it has been called the "Mount Everest" in the field of ion implanters, and it is a key link in the industrial chain of my country's integrated circuit manufacturing equipment that needs to be overcome.

According to the official website of KST, Shanghai KST Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was established in Zhangjiang in April 2009. It was founded by five internationally renowned ion implantation equipment experts headed by Dr. Chen Jiong, the lifelong standing director of the International Association of Ion Implantation Technology. The ion implanter developed by the team has sold more than 1,000 units worldwide.

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