Xiaomi discloses its mobile payment patent in VR environment

Meta Universe seems to have entrained traffic passwords. As long as it is in contact with Meta Universe, it quickly gains public attention. With the popularity of this concept, major manufacturers have announced their entry into the meta-universe field and have begun to research related technologies.

For example, Xiaomi previously invested in a VR company that became popular in Qitian. In addition, the relevant person in charge of Xiaomi stated last month that the company is concerned about the layout of the meta universe and said that Xiaomi pays attention to related opportunities around the meta universe, and has made a lot of relevant technical reserves, and has made relevant investments in mobile phones, videos, displays, etc. , And relevant preparations have been made.

According to the company's investigation, Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. has now obtained a patent authorization for a "mobile payment method and device in a virtual reality environment".

The summary shows that through the information interaction between the virtual reality device and the mobile terminal, the present disclosure enables users to purchase goods or make in-app payments in a virtual reality environment without taking the mobile terminal out of the virtual reality device, which is convenient and fast. Complete payment. It can also be applied to all other devices that can interact with mobile terminals.

It is understood that the concept of meta universe began in 1992 in the science fiction novel "Avalanche" by American writer Neil Stephenson. In the book, Stephenson describes a surrealistic digital space "Metaverse", where people blocked by geographic space can interact with each other through their "incarnations", spend their leisure time, and control their own income at will.

Xinhua News Agency previously quoted several interviewees and pointed out that Metaverse, as a carrier of the integration of the virtual world and the real world, contains huge opportunities for social, content, game, office and other scene changes. It is the integration of blockchain. New types of Internet applications and social forms generated by a variety of new technologies.

However, the current meta-universe technology is still in its infancy, and most companies are just getting started.

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