Xiaomi launched the instant hot water purifier Q800

Xiaomi has now launched a Xiaomi instant water purifier Q800. The prepaid deposit is 100 yuan to 300 yuan, the pre-sale price is 3799 yuan, and the induction cooker 2 and the desktop heater are free.

According to reports, this water purifier can achieve 1-second direct hot water that is filtered and ready to drink, adjustable every 1 ℃, touch-screen smart faucet, dual-core inner filter, 5-year long-lasting filter, full-time non-stale water, 3:1 ratio of pure wastewater, first-class water efficiency, no water consumption, and more environmentally friendly.

According to reports, this water purifier adopts 360° surrounding heating, 1-second instant heating innovative patented technology, can continuously produce hot water, that is, filter and drink without waiting for a long time, effectively avoiding residual water in the pipeline and repeatedly heating dry water.

Q800 supports multi-speed temperature adjustment, presets 4 common modes, and can also adjust the water temperature and water volume of each mode through the Mijia App, and supports the setting of 2 custom modes in the App, which can be adjusted every 1 degree Celsius.

Xiaomi’s water purifier also has its own anti-counterfeiting chip, and can also store information such as the service life of the filter element, which can still be used even if the element is changed.

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