Xiaomi launched the Mijia anti-winding sweeping robot

Xiaomi has launched a Mijia anti-entanglement sweeping robot, which is now on the Xiaomi store and will start crowdfunding at 10:00 am on December 8th. The crowdfunding price is 1899 yuan (original price). 2299 yuan), with anti-winding patented technology, the main 8000Pa super suction and 5200mAh long battery life.

From the product information point of view, in addition to the three selling points mentioned above, this robot also supports LDS laser navigation, is equipped with a 450ml quick-open dust box, a 250ml electronically controlled water tank, has a quad-core chip + SLAM algorithm, and Xiao Ai’s voice Control and other functions.

This mopping sweeping robot has a powerful anti-winding function. It can cut off the hair wound on the roller brush through the reciprocating motion of the built-in blade of the roller brush, so that the roller brush can continue to operate normally, ensuring cleaning efficiency, and bid farewell to manual cleaning. Trouble with entangled hair.

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