Xiaomi Mijia Smart Dehumidifier is on sale today

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Dehumidifier 22L will be available for pre-sale on December 14th. It supports eight hours of continuous dehumidification. The price is 1,299 yuan and will be officially launched at 10:00 this morning.

This Mijia smart dehumidifier has a 4.5L large-capacity water tank and 22L/D dehumidification capacity. It is equipped with a large digital display and dual light reminders. It supports touch button operation. It can switch the working mode with one key and set the target humidity, including smart mode. , Drying mode, Sleep mode, and other three modes.

  • Smart mode: The device has a built-in high-precision temperature and humidity sensor, intelligent automatic dehumidification, and a controllable range of 40-70% RH.
  • Drying mode: continuous dehumidification at the maximum level, one-key assisted drying.
  • Sleep mode: The noise is as low as 35.5dB (A), and it is quiet and undisturbed when used at night.

Mijia smart dehumidifier can be connected to a drainpipe to directly discharge the dehumidification wastewater into the sewer, without worrying about the water being full and shutting down.

At the same time, this Mijia smart dehumidifier supports Mijia App remote control, Xiaomi classmates voice control, and linkage with Mijia smart devices.

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