Xiaomi MIUI 13 is officially released

Xiaomi held a press conference this evening and officially released the new MIUI 13 system. Jin Fan said that MIUI has been earnestly and steadily doing system optimization in the past six months. MIUI and Thiel Labs jointly built a fluency evaluation model, leading to optimization goals, and the fluency of application usage was significantly improved. Master Lu's Android fluency cross-test: Xiaomi ranked first in all.

In addition, the MIUI application staying is still strong, with 36 months of continuous use, and the degradation of reading and write performance is less than 5%. According to reports, MIUI 13 adds three new privacy protection functions: face verification protection, privacy watermarking, and electronic fraud protection.

In face verification, the entire upper body will actually be acquired by the application. MIUI 13 adds a new privacy shooting mode, intelligent face recognition, system-level occlusion of other images except for faces so that you really only show your face.

In places where ID photos are required for renting, App verification, etc., directly uploading the original image may cause the risk of privacy leakage. MIUI 13 adds a new privacy watermark. Now you can add a watermark to your ID photos in your photo album to limit ID usage and protect your privacy.

New types of telecommunications fraud are frequent, and young people are frequently recruited. MIUI 13 has added a new system-level full-link anti-fraud, which runs through the entire link of telecom fraud, and provides multiple protections such as "electronic fraud warning", "official logo", "fraud application installation interception" and "transfer protection", making telecom fraud impossible to take advantage of.

MIUI 13 brings a new system font, MiSan s, which is flat and powerful, with a minimalist design, which is more conducive to screen display. With rich Opentype features, such as the height of hyphens can automatically adapt to uppercase and lowercase letters, making the layout more delicate. Open download, free and commercial.

MIUI 13 combined with Beauty Science to bring a new wallpaper, using a polarizing microscope to record the shape and changes of crystal formation through 8K time-lapse photography. Facing all screens, let the beauty bloom on all your smart devices.

MIUI 13 widgets are coming. It supports a wealth of application widgets to provide quick and practical functions. Many personalized widgets allow you to easily match the desktop. There are also some interesting and interesting widgets, such as the "Super Countdown Day" that are accurate to the second. It’s fun. The "Drinking Water Measuring Cup" allows you to drink plenty of water, your body is great, and the "what to eat today" perfectly solves the difficulty of choice.

In addition, Xiaomi also brought MIUI 13 Pad, focusing on the efficiency of the large screen. At present, it has completed the large screen adaptation of 3000 applications, so that the applications can be presented in the best way.

According to reports, if you want to handle multitasking on a large screen, the key is to switch between full screen and window. On MIUI 13 Pad, just press and hold the corner of the application and drag it inward to quickly enter the window state. The window also supports multiple-scale layouts. You can also drag and drop applications through the global taskbar to open small windows or open desktop applications directly in the form of small windows. You can open it as you want.

MIUI 13 Pad makes the unique task keys of the Xiaomi tablet keyboard more powerful! Now you can use it to call out the taskbar globally, quickly switch/open applications, and also support familiar computer shortcuts.

Jin Fan said that the faster and more stable MIUI 13 stable version will be launched in the first batch of models in 4 weeks.

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