Xiaomi TV ES50 2022 is officially release

Xiaomi Mi Mall has launched the Mi TV ES50 2022 model, with a gray version, with a deposit of 100 yuan, and a final payment of 2399 yuan on December 11th at 20 o'clock.

Xiaomi Mi TV ES50 2022 supports Dolby Vision. As a high-end HDR standard, Dolby Vision technology allows TVs to have breathtaking brightness, contrast and colors, thereby displaying more picture details. Every scene is as real as it is seen. Contagious. From now on, the cinema-level immersive audio-visual experience can be experienced in the living room.

Mi TV ES50 2022 supports multi-zone backlight. The star screen sharp shadow backlight system divides the TV backlight into multiple independent areas, making the bright parts brighter and the dark parts deeper, thus presenting more vivid image details. Sharp shadow light control technology can further enhance the peak brightness of the picture and greatly enhance the contrast.

Mi TV ES50 2022 is tuned one by one, and the colors are pleasing to the eye, comparable to professional monitors. According to Xiaomi, before each Xiaomi TV ES leaves the factory, it will fine-tune the gamma curve and color temperature of the screen, and use self-developed algorithms to reduce color errors, and finally achieve a professional display-level color accuracy of ΔE≈2.

Mi TV ES50 2022 supports MEMC motion compensation. Real-time optimization of the picture through algorithms, intelligent restoration of low frame rate content to high frame rate.

Xiaomi TV ES50 2022 is equipped with AI-SR image algorithm, relying on the powerful AI computing power of TV chip and deep learning of database, Xiaomi TV ES is equipped with super resolution algorithm, real-time analysis of pictures, effectively reducing noise, greatly improving definition, low resolution The film source can also achieve ultra-high-definition playback close to 4K.

The Mi TV ES50 2022 is equipped with a stereo sound system. The four-speaker sound system is equipped with an independent tweeter and woofer, especially the air duct bass enhancement design, which makes the low frequency performance of the TV more powerful and powerful. The sound surrounds the living room like flowing water, and you can watch the movie. In its environment, the game can be heard in all directions.

Xiaomi TV ES50 2022 supports dual decoding of mainstream Hollywood format Dolby + DTS, which vividly restores the shocking sound effects of the movie and appreciates the appeal of sound details.

The Mi TV ES50 2022 is equipped with a full-screen design, with a higher screen-to-body ratio of 96%, allowing the TV to break through the viewing boundary, and the large field of view brought by the full screen makes it more immersive when watching movies.

The Mi TV ES50 2022 model adopts a full metal frame, sandblasting process, and a metal base with a balanced structure design, making the TV itself an industrial artwork that will never be bored.

Mi TV ES50 2022 is newly upgraded, supports far-field voice control, no remote control is required, whether it is content on demand, volume adjustment, or weather checking, smart home linkage... Big things and small things, shout "Little love classmates", this TV , Is also your whole house intelligent control center.

Mi TV ES50 2022 is equipped with MIUI for TV 3.0, a mainstream video platform, massive audio and video content, popular movies, variety shows, animation, and children's content that you want to watch, all in one search. In addition, MIUI will intelligently learn your viewing habits and recommend content you like more intimately.

Mi TV ES50 2022 covers mainstream projection protocols, and can easily achieve multi-screen linkage through mobile phones/notebooks/third-party software. Whether it’s a gathering or personal entertainment, the small screen is wonderful, and the big screen is shared.

Xiaomi Mi TV ES50 2022 supports a new generation of MediaTek MT9638 image quality enhanced chip, quad-core high computing power CPU, computing performance is more comfortable, with 2GB+32GB large storage, favorite applications, download as you like, and run smoothly. Equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the transmission is faster and the connection is more stable.

Mi TV ES50 2022 has a wealth of interface applications, connecting a variety of devices without restrictions, and easily expand the entertainment and audio-visual life scenes. Including 2 USB ports, 3 HDMI ports, 1 AV input port, 1 network cable port, 1 cable TV port, and S/PDIF external speaker port.

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