AMD's new Radeon Pro Graphics Card will be available on January 19th

At CES 2022, AMD introduced a slew of new mobile 3D accelerators, as well as the desktop Radeon RX 6500 XT floppy graphics card. And now it's time to reveal the new professional Radeon Pro product. According to official teasers, she will make her debut on January 19th.

A golden crown encrusted with blue diamonds is seen in the teaser photographs. This could be interpreted as a hint of a new flagship model, but no: the company will introduce an entry-level Radeon Pro W6400 graphics card based on the Navi 24 GPU, which will compete with the budget Nvidia T600 3D card for workstations where 2D modeling and video editing are performed: for work with three-dimensional graphics, the Radeon Pro W6400 will remain weak.

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