Apple CEO Cook's total income in 2021 will reach $98.7 million

 According to a statement filed by Apple with the US Securities and Exchange Commission today, Apple CEO Tim Cook's base salary, stock, and other compensation totaled 98.7 million US dollars (about 630 million yuan). )

Cook's base salary was $3 million, and he received $82,347,835 in stock awards. The stock award is an RSU that will be awarded over time and includes $44.8 million in performance-based stock awards and $37.5 million in time-based stock awards. To date, the stock has not been vested.

Cook also owns more than 5 million shares in 2021, netting a total of $754 million. Because these were awarded in earlier years, the $754 million doesn't count toward his 2021 compensation package. In addition to $3 million in salary and $82 million in stock grants, Cook received $12 million in non-equity incentive plan compensation and $1,386,559 in "other" compensation. Other compensation included $23,077 in vacation expenses, $630,630 in security expenses and $712,488 in personal air travel. For security reasons, Apple asked Cook to use a private jet.

In 2020, Cook's total revenue was $14.8 million, excluding stock awards granted during the period. Cook's net worth has climbed to more than $1 billion since 2020. Other Apple executives, such as Luca Maestri, Kate Adams, Jeff Williams and Deirdre O'Brien, received salaries ranging from $26 million to $27 million.

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