Apple's design resources website newly provides PNG model images

Apple recently updated its Apple Design design resources webpage, providing designers and application developers with quite useful things. The company provides PNG files of almost all device mockups on its website, which is very friendly for those who don't have Photoshop.

Apple provides mockups of its devices to help designers and developers promote their apps. However, these mockups are only available as PSD files, so they can only be opened with Photoshop and some other image editors that can read this format.

Most of the model drawings provided by Apple are now also available as PNG image files, so they can be opened and edited by almost any image editor, even the most basic ones. The update was confirmed on Twitter by Apple design evangelist Mike Stern.

Now, when you download a mockup image from Apple's website, you'll get both PSD and PNG versions. It's worth noting that the PNG version comes with transparency, so you can easily edit it with the screenshot and background you want.

Note, however, that these model drawings are downloaded as DMG files, so you cannot extract them on a Windows PC or even an iPad.

You can download these and other official Apple mockups on the Apple Developer website.

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