Aqara smart door lock A100 Pro released

Lumi Aqara officially launched the smart door lock A100 Pro recently. This product is the first smart lock in China that supports Apple's Apple HomeKit "home key", which can be opened by touching the surface of the door lock with an iPhone or Apple Watch.

According to the supplementary information of IT House netizen  @Digital Junior V, after Apple users add a door lock device to the "Family" App, a door card will be automatically generated in the "Wallet" App of iPhone and Apple Watch, which is the "Family " App. key". After the door card is generated, the mobile phone or watch is close to the door lock to complete the unlocking operation.

Apple Home Key Requirements: Requires iPhone X S or newer iPhone model updated to iOS 15 or later; Apple Watch Series 4 or newer Apple Watch model updated to watchOS 8 or later

Aqara smart door lock A100 Pro supports 7 unlocking methods, including fingerprint, password, Bluetooth, NFC, emergency key, one-time/periodic password, HomeKit. The product is equipped with a C-level lock cylinder, which can effectively prevent violent unlocking. In addition, the door handle is equipped with a financial-grade fingerprint recognition sensor, and the fingerprint recognition rate can reach 98.6%.

In order to further improve security and prevent violent unlocking, the A100 Pro has an electromagnetic protection design, and anti-tailgating design, and a door lock anti-lock knob inside. In addition, the design of the product with the main chip behind and the built-in clutch device helps to prevent the product from being damaged from the front.

Aqara A100 Pro smart door lock is powered by 8 AA batteries and has a battery life of up to 540 days. The product supports access to the smart home platform, realizes automatic linkage of lights, curtains, etc., and automatically turns off designated electrical appliances when the door is closed.

This door lock is priced at 2,299 yuan and is currently on sale.

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