GALAXY showcases RTX 3050 Metal Master Mini graphics card: only 16.8cm long

NVIDIA RTX 3050 graphics card performance was lifted, GALAXY officially showed the RTX 3050 Metal Master Mini graphics card, and said it will be on sale tomorrow. According to GALAXY, the biggest feature of the RTX 3050 Metal Master Mini is its compact body, with a length of only 16.8cm and an overall installation size of 168mm*115mm*40mm. In terms of design, this graphics card uses an all-alloy one-piece upper cover, is equipped with an 11-leaf static frost fan, and also supports an intelligent start-stop function.

The RTX 3050 Metal Master Mini features a metal backplate.

According to GALAXY, this graphics card uses a 6-layer PCB, is equipped with a new GA106-150 core, NVIDIA Ampere architecture, has 2560 CUDA processors, is equipped with 4 GDDR6 memory, a single capacity of 2GB, an overall capacity of 8GB, and a bit width of 128- bit.

In terms of heat dissipation performance, the offical conducted the Furmark oven test. The data shows that after 43 minutes, the maximum temperature is 71 ° C, and the final temperature can be stabilized at around 70 ° C.

The GALAXY GeForce RTX 3050 Metal Master Mini graphics card will be launched on e-commerce platforms simultaneously with several other 3050 series graphics cards on the 27th.

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