IDC announced the 2021 China folding screen mobile phone market share rankings

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) monthly mobile phone tracking report, the scale of folding screen products in the Chinese market in 2021 will be about 1.5 million units, and the shares of each manufacturer are as follows:

Among them, Huawei's share of folding screen mobile phones is 49.3%, Samsung's share is 28.8%, Xiaomi's share is 13.2%, OPPO's share is 6.1%, and Lenovo Motorola's share is 2.4%.

According to IDC, in 2021, folding screen products will account for about 0.5% of the domestic smartphone market, which is still a niche product form, but recently, with the concentrated release of new products from many leading manufacturers, folding screen products The market heat has once again been pushed to the peak. IDC believes that the recent surge in market attention for folding screen phones is driven by the following reasons:

In recent years, brands from various countries have tried their best to explore the high-end price market, but the process is full of challenges. Therefore, from the perspective of product form, it is the reason why domestic brands continue to challenge the high-end market and establish a high-end brand image in the future. active exploration.

Some leading manufacturers take the initiative to push the price of new folding screen products down to less than 10,000 yuan, or even 8,000 yuan. At the same time, the relatively conservative supply strategy adopted for many new products has kept the market in a state of short supply, which has also led to a high level of attention from potential purchasers.

The adaptation and development of application software and corresponding usage scenarios, and the increasingly mature and large-scale hardware industry chain have led to the rapid improvement of the practicability and reliability of folding screen products. In addition to their unique social and decorative attributes, folding screen products, it has also been able to bring better experience and value to users in some usage scenarios.

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