Nubia × Little Yellow Man Year of the Tiger limited gift package on sale

On January 14, Nubia announced the " Nubia Minion Tiger Year Limited Gift Pack ", and the product was officially launched. This gift box costs 606 yuan and includes a selection of Minion co-branded chargers, as well as a 5000mAh power bank, data cable, and ancillary goods.

The following is the product list:

  • 65W Gallium Nitride GaN Charger Kit
  • 30W GaN sugar cube charger
  • 22.5W sugar cube charger
  • Maifei Magnetic Wireless Power Bank 5000mAh
  • Type-C to Type-C 5A data cable
  • Type-C to Lightning MFI cable
  • Bubble Mart Minions Blind Box
  • Minion Year of the Tiger Red Packet×10
  • Storage bag + Tote bag

The goods in Nubia's gift box have an initial price of more than 750 yuan, but the fixed price is only 666 yuan, with a minimum of 606 yuan. The product is packaged in a red box with a red tote bag emblazoned with a tiger picture, in keeping with the Spring Festival theme.

According to the official, each ID/user is only permitted to purchase two sets in order to meet the demands of regular consumers and prevent "scalpers" from stockpiling items.

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