Sai Microelectronics: The price of MEMS wafers has risen rapidly in recent years

Recently, Sun Microelectronics stated in an institutional survey that in recent years, the company's MEMS process development and foundry capacity have been tight, and the order schedule is long. From the calculation results of the chip wafer unit price, in recent years, the order The price of wafers has risen continuously and rapidly. The average selling price of the company’s MEMS wafers from 2017 to 2020 is approximately US$1700/piece, US$1800/piece, US$2200/piece, and US$2700/piece, respectively. The half-year average selling price has risen to approximately US$3,600 per piece. There are big differences in the price of MEMS chip wafers in different fields.

Regarding the gross profit margin of the company's MEMS business, Sun Microelectronics revealed that in 2020, the company's Swedish production line MEMES business has a comprehensive gross profit margin close to 50%, and a net profit margin close to 30%. It is expected to remain at a relatively high level now and in the future; Due to the new production line, there is greater pressure on depreciation and amortization, and it is expected that the wafer manufacturing business will occupy a larger proportion of the revenue structure, and the product structure of revenue will also be different from that of Sweden. Therefore, the gross profit margin of Beijing FAB3 in the initial period of operation And the net profit margin will be lower than the Swedish production line; as the volume grows, the overall gross profit margin of the company's MEMS business is expected to decline (but it can still maintain the normal level of the chip foundry industry).

According to data, from 2017 to 2020, Sun Microelectronics has invested more than 300 million yuan in capital investment in the Swedish production line. In September 2020, the original 6-inch production line (FAB1) in Sweden was upgraded and switched to an 8-inch production line. The original 8-inch production line (FAB2) has also been expanded, and the total MEMS wafer production capacity has been increased to 7,000 wafers/month. The production capacity has continued to increase by 30% on the basis of the end of 2019, and the current demand for key customers is still Continuous capital investment.

Sai Microelectronics said that due to the large-scale upgrade and expansion of the Swedish production line in recent years, the potential of the production line in this state has not yet been fully realized. As far as the current situation is concerned, based on the process center positioning and pilot test of the Swedish production line itself The characteristics of the mass production mixed line, the capacity utilization rate of about 80% and the yield rate of about 70% are already at the leading level in the industry. With the completion of the large-scale upgrade and expansion work, production has gradually stabilized, and the capacity utilization rate of the Swedish production line has been There is still room for improvement in the rate in the future.

In addition, it is understood that the total construction capacity of the Beijing MEMS production line of Saiwei Electronics is 30,000 pieces/month, and the current first-phase production capacity of 10,000 pieces/month has been produced in June 2021. As far as capacity planning is concerned, Sun Microelectronics plans to achieve 100% of the first-phase capacity in 2022, that is, the capacity will reach the level of 10,000 wafers per month.

At present, the construction of the second phase of the Beijing FAB3 capacity (that is, a total of 20,000 pieces/month) of the Beijing Microelectronics is already in progress. With the gradual maturity of the manufacturing level of the Beijing production line, if the growth of orders and customer demand exceeds expectations, The ramp-up of production capacity from 2022 may accelerate. According to the latest forecast of Sai Microelectronics, the total production capacity of 30,000 pieces/month is expected to reach full production in 2024/2025.

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