Samsung announces "groundbreaking" new TV feature

Samsung said that it is planning to broadly support NFT from the TV lineup in 2022. NFT is called Non-Fungible Token (non-fungible token), which has the characteristics of indivisible, irreplaceable, and unique. It is a concept derived from the blockchain. After being combined with the artwork, a unique identification can be given to the artwork or other things. By marking the user's ownership of a specific asset through the blockchain, NFT can become a recognized tradable entity for this specific asset.

Samsung said in a press release: “As the demand for NFT continues to increase, the demand for solutions to today’s decentralized viewing and purchasing environment has never been greater. In 2022, Samsung will launch the world’s first A TV screen-based NFT explorer and market aggregator, this is a breakthrough platform that allows you to browse, buy and showcase your favorite art in one place."

According to Samsung, this platform (shown above) will allow creators to “share their art with the world” and allow potential buyers to preview the NFT before buying.

When watching NFT on its 2022 TV, Samsung also pays great attention to details. The smart calibration function on the TV will automatically adjust the display settings, "according to the creator's preset values, so you can rest assured that your work looks impeccable and has real image quality."

More details about the Samsung TV NFT platform should be provided as TVs start to ship in the next few months. Samsung has become the first major TV manufacturer to support NFT to such an important level. I wonder if other companies will follow suit.

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