SMIC responds to rumors of joint factory building with Huawei

Recently, the media reported that Huawei is building a fab with the assistance of SMIC, trying to personally build cores in order to seek a breakthrough under the US chip ban. The report also pointed out that relevant Huawei personnel had negotiated with TSMC’s supply chain partners about purchasing equipment. At the same time, the report also "disclosed" SMIC Southern and local government funding and other details.

In response to the rumors, SMIC responded on the investor interaction platform today, stating that the semiconductor industry has attracted more attention from many parties and has more information from various channels. The company's announcements and press conferences are subject to official channels.

Previously, Jiwei said that relevant personnel from Huawei said that the above contents are all false news. Many people close to SMIC also said that SMIC has never participated in or assisted Huawei in building factories. The cooperation between the two parties was only a legal and regulatory business activity at the foundry level. 

Huawei established a Huawei Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. on December 28. The legal representative is Li Jianguo with a registered capital of 600 million yuan. The business scope includes optical communication equipment manufacturing; optoelectronic device manufacturing; electronic component manufacturing; Semiconductor discrete device manufacturing, etc.

In this regard, some netizens speculated: Is it possible that Huawei is going to make the chips itself?

Huawei insiders responded to this later, saying that Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a certain scale of mass production and small-batch trial production (capabilities), but it is mainly used to meet the system integration requirements of Huawei's own products. We do not produce chips. Our main business is the precision manufacturing of some core devices, modules, and components of Huawei wireless, digital energy, and other products, including assembly and packaging, and testing. The above-mentioned person stated that the "semiconductor discrete devices" mentioned in the business scope are mainly the packaging and testing of discrete devices.

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