Wind Chaser Releases New ITX "Deformed" Chassis With Variable Sizes

This year's CES, the chasers released the Evolv SHIFT XT mini ITX chassis. The official said that this new Evolv SHIFT XT case adds unique deformation elements, which can change the size of the case according to the user's cooling performance needs.

According to the official introduction, whether in compact mode or air-cooled or water-cooled mode, Evolv Shift XT has no compromise on compatibility and supports high-end flagship hardware equipment. Evolv Shift XT features an anodized aluminum plate, a built-in high PCIe X16 Gen 4 graphics card extension cable, and USB-C Gen 2 front I/O components. Aluminum alloy mesh panel, 1mm mesh panel on the side, dustproof, and heat dissipation circulation. In addition, this case also uses a tempered glass infinite mirror lighting effect.

Wind Chaser also released the Revolt SFX power supply, equipped with a 92mm dynamic hydraulic bearing (FDB) fan with intelligent thermal control, which can optimize noise in 0 RPM mode at 30% load to improve user experience. The Revert SFX power supply was developed by Wind Chaser in collaboration with renowned power supply manufacturer Seasonic.

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