Wingtech: Shipments of Lenovo Android tablets exceeded 11 million units

Wingtech Technology announced that Lenovo tablet shipments in Wingtech Technology exceeded 11 million units. Wingtech Technology has cooperated with Lenovo Tablet since 2016 and is a long-term partner of Lenovo. Currently, Lenovo Tablet has jumped to second place in the Android tablet market.

Wingtech said that the Lenovo M8 project currently being shipped is expected to become the first product in the history of Lenovo tablets to exceed 10 million sales, and the FFR of this project has achieved the first Lenovo tablet, including self-developed products. and ODM.

In 2021, Wingtech will achieve another success in orders and win a new project of Lenovo tablet with a quantity of tens of millions. The project will be officially delivered in 2022. In 2022, the single-year shipment target of Lenovo tablets in Wingtech will breakthrough. 10 million units. In the future, the common goal of Wingtech and Lenovo Tablet is to make Lenovo Tablet No. 1 in the Android tablet market.

Wingtech's main business covers three major business sectors: semiconductor IDM, optical modules, and communication product integration. It has formed semiconductor chip design, wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing, semiconductor equipment, optical modules, communication terminals, notebook computers, The layout of the whole industry chain integrating the R&D and manufacturing of IoT, server, and automotive electronic products.

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