Wu Jing posted the stills of "The Wandering Earth 2" and used a ZTE mobile phone for the first time

ZTE Mobile recently officially announced that Wu Jing has become the brand spokesperson of ZTE Mobile. Today, Wu Jing posted a still of "Wandering Earth 2" on Weibo, revealing the small tail of ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5G for the first time.

ZTE Mobile's official blog also replied: "Looking forward to "The Wandering Earth 2".

It can be seen from the picture that Wu Jing is wearing a spacesuit in "The Wandering Earth 2". This space suit is not much different from the shape in the first part of "The Wandering Earth", except that a device is attached to the right arm, which is a bit different. Like Liu Qi's self-made manipulator in the first film.
"The Wandering Earth 2" is officially announced to be released at the Spring Festival in 2023. Wu Jing's character in the previous film sacrificed to save the earth, and the second film is still joining. It is not clear what the new role is.

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