Anhui: Implementing major scientific and technological projects in the fields of integrated circuits and new displays

Recently, the General Office of the Anhui Provincial People's Government issued the "14th Five-Year Plan for Scientific and Technological Innovation of Anhui Province" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan").

The "Plan" points out that by 2025, the province's scientific and technological innovation tackling force system and scientific and technological achievements transformation and application system has basically been formed, and the main indicators of innovation such as the investment in research and development of the whole society, the number of high-tech enterprises, and the number of high-value invention patents per 10,000 people are obvious. Improve the regional innovation capability to maintain the national first phalanx and strive for the advanced position, and initially build a nationally influential source of scientific and technological innovation and an innovative province.

Build a high-level scientific and technological innovation platform, and focus on building Hefei Binhu Science City

Adhere to high-level positioning, integration of innovation, open cooperation, ecological humanities, promote the organic coupling of technology, industry, talents, and space, promote systematic technological innovation, continue to produce rich forward-looking and original results, and cultivate more strategic, leading industries, enhance its influence and competitiveness in the global innovation system, and strive to build a world-class science city with an agglomeration of scientific research elements, active innovation and entrepreneurship, a beautiful ecological environment, and perfect life services. High-standard construction of quantum center, artificial intelligence town, financial town, science island "Science and Technology Innovation Corridor", large scientific installation concentration area, international exchange area and achievement exhibition area, scientific and technological achievement transaction and transformation area. Relying on Binhu International Science Exchange Center, Binhu International Convention, and Exhibition Center, Anhui Innovation Hall, etc., a number of internationally renowned scientific brand activities and high-end authoritative forums will be created. A demonstration project to build "USTC Silicon Valley" into a cluster of strategic emerging industries. By 2025, "USTC Silicon Valley" will bring together more than 100,000 outstanding talents of various types such as alumni of the University of Science and Technology of China and domestic and foreign universities and colleges; forming a multi-level Fund system, the fund scale exceeds 200 billion yuan; more than 10,000 technology-based enterprises, new R&D institutions, and science and technology service institutions are gathered, 1,000 high-tech enterprises are cultivated, and more than 50 listed companies and unicorn enterprises are formed; a group of System achievements that can be replicated and promoted has become the benchmark for innovation in the national science and technology system.

The implementation of the key and core technology attack, and the key technology attack actions in the main direction of the ten emerging industries

Strengthen scientific and technological support and application demonstration, further advance the key core technology research of ten emerging industries, and achieve breakthroughs in core basic components (components), key basic materials, advanced basic technology and software, and industrial technology foundation. Support the high-quality development of strategic emerging industries and high-tech industries.

Improve high-tech innovation capabilities. Focusing on the high-tech industries in our province, oriented by demand, focusing on key links, condensing and screening a number of key core technologies, increasing technological research and development efforts, and improving the independent innovation capabilities of high-tech industries. Carry out research on independent and controllable high-end chip design technology, advanced packaging technology, integrated circuit materials and equipment, and advanced storage technology in the field of integrated circuits, develop core materials, equipment, and other technologies in the field of new displays, and focus on research and development in the field of new energy controllable Nuclear fusion, hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, and transportation technologies, in the field of intelligent manufacturing equipment and robots, give priority to supporting the development of high-end CNC machine tools with depth perception, intelligent decision-making, and automatic execution functions.

Implement key and core technology tackling ability improvement actions

Innovate the key core technology tackling mechanism. Focusing on the major needs of the strategic development of our province, we will build a key core technology attack pattern of provincial and municipal linkage and multi-departmental coordination. Relying on national strategic scientific and technological strengths and technological innovation platforms such as national laboratories and high-level research universities, we will create a "test field" for a new nationwide system for tackling key core technologies under the conditions of a socialist market economy. Expansion and upgrade of technological innovation "top-of-the-line" plan. Focus on ten emerging industries, aim at "card chain" and "broken chain" products and technologies, and implement major scientific and technological projects in the fields of quantum information, integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, new energy and intelligent connected vehicles, and new displays. Comprehensively adopt the methods of unveiling the list and taking command, directional commission, open competition, and stable support to build a diversified support system for key core technologies. Promote the close cooperation of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs, and support universities, institutes, and enterprises in our province to undertake major scientific and technological projects such as the National Science and Technology Innovation 2030 major Projects and Key R&D Plans through diversified means such as financial subsidies and equity investment.

Improve the innovative ecological efficiency of "multi-chain collaboration" and support the construction of a modern industrial system

Promote an advanced industrial base. Increase technological innovation in future industries such as quantum information, bio-manufacturing, and advanced nuclear energy, promote technological changes such as brain-like intelligence, big data, cloud computing, industrial Internet, and blockchain, and cultivate and develop a number of future industries. Give full play to the leading advantages of quantum communication, quantum computing, and quantum precision measurement research and development, and support the industrialization of quantum technology. Improve the research and development level of bio-based new biomimetic materials, genetic engineering, regenerative medicine, and other technologies, and promote breakthroughs in key core technologies in bio-manufacturing fields such as polylactic acid, furan polyester, and bio-based nylon. Promote the research and development of the core technology of magnetic confinement thermonuclear fusion energy, and promote the research and industrialization of mobile nuclear energy technology represented by small mobile lead-based reactors. Relying on major scientific and technological infrastructure, promoting the transformation and engineering of derivative technologies such as superconductivity, plasma propulsion, high-field nuclear magnetism, advanced lasers, and electromagnetic protection, and leading and drive industrial innovation and development.

Promote regional industrial modernization. Give full play to the regional advantages, strengthen the upstream and downstream supply chain, extend the chain, strengthen the chain, and promote the "double chain integration" of the innovation chain industry chain. Play the leading role of scientific and technological innovation, effectively support Hefei's new display, integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, new energy and intelligent networked vehicles, biomedicine and high-end medical equipment, network and information security, Huaibei City's ceramic aluminum new materials and aluminum-based high-end metals Materials, advanced polymer structural materials, modern traditional Chinese medicine in Bozhou, cloud computing in Suzhou, new silicon-based and bio-based materials and sensor valley construction in Bengbu, modern medicine in Fuyang, new energy and big data in Huainan, smart home appliances in Chuzhou , Lu'an City's high-end equipment basic components, Ma'anshan City's high-end CNC machine tools, advanced rail transit equipment, Wuhu City's robots and intelligent equipment, new energy and intelligent connected vehicles, modern agricultural machinery and smart agriculture, aviation, Xuancheng City's core basic components , Tongling City Copper-based New Materials, Chizhou Semiconductors, Anqing City Chemical New Materials, New Energy Vehicles, Offshore Engineering Equipment, Intelligent Special Equipment, Functional Films, Huangshan City Cultural Tourism and other industrial development, comprehensively improve the industrial basic research capacity and industrial chain level of modernization. Support national-level innovative counties (cities) such as Jieshou, Chaohu, and Ningguo to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries around regional leading industries.

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