Aozhixin released M43 format flagship camera OM-1

Aozhixin (formerly Olympus) released the new M43 format flagship camera OM-1, which will be released on February 19, 2022, priced at $2,200 (about 13,992 yuan). OM-1 uses a new stacked BSI Live MOS sensor with an effective pixel count of about 20.37 million; it uses a new engine TruePic X, whose high-speed computing performance is about 3 times that of the previous TruePic IX. The new image processing algorithm reproduces the feathers of wild birds and the fur color of wild animals. The new stack-type BSI Live MOS sensor with stronger noise reduction performance (about 20.37 million effective pixels) and the image processing engine TruePic X effectively reduce the noise that is easily generated at high sensitivity, and achieve a common sensitivity ISO25600, up to ISO102400.

The OM-1 is a five-axis synchronized image stabilization system that brings up to 8 stops of safety shutter compensation performance. In the "Tripod Hi-Res Shot" function, the sensor is precisely moved in 0.5-pixel increments for a total of 8 shots, producing a high-resolution photo equivalent to 80 megapixels (RAW/JPEG). "Handheld High Res Shot" takes 12 shots in total, producing a high-resolution photo equivalent to 50 megapixels (RAW / JPEG).

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