Apple iOS 15.4 Beta adds option to hide iCloud Keychain security warning suggestions

For iCloud Keychain passwords, Apple has long provided security advice for weak, compromised or duplicate passwords that need to be updated for maximum protection, but in some cases, you may not be able to. Changed passwords and annoying notifications that you can't get rid of.

That's changing with iOS 15.4, which is currently in beta. With the iOS 15.4 update, any security advice listed in the Passwords section of the Settings app can be hidden. Just click a warning notification, then click the new "x" button next to any security advice you want to hide. Previous iOS versions had no way to dismiss or hide security advisories other than to turn them off entirely.

Hidden security alerts will no longer appear under the main "Security Advice" tab, but if necessary, you can still view them by opening the password interface and scrolling down to the bottom, where there is a new "Hidden Security Advice" options.

In this section, you will find any hidden password reminders. The option to hide security suggestions is helpful for passwords that you cannot change for some reason, such as when the password belongs to someone else. It provides a way to make the alert visible in a section, but not front and center. There is also an option if you want to reset the security advice and make it visible again.

iOS 15.4 also lets you annotate any iCloud Keychain password, so if you need to give yourself more context about the password, such as pointing out what it's for.

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