Apple's iPhone 13 lens supplier Largan's January revenue of 854 million yuan

Apple iPhone 13 lens supplier Largan announced its January revenue data yesterday. Data shows that Largan's revenue in January was NT$3.729 billion (about 854 million yuan), a decrease of 17% month-on-month and 19% year-on-year, a three-year low for the same period.

Largan pointed out that due to the reduction in the number of working days during the Lunar New Year, the momentum of pulling goods in February will decline compared with January. According to the shipment structure in January, the proportion of more than 20 million pixels is 10%-20%, the proportion of more than 10 million pixels is 50%-60%, and the others are 20%-30%.

According to the report, Largan CEO Lin Enping said a few days ago that due to the traditional off-season and the supply chain "still have problems", the momentum of pulling goods in January declined, and it will be worse in February.

In response to the development trend of mobile phone lens specifications this year, Lin Enping said that the introduction of 8P models to customers has increased, and shipments are expected to increase in the second half of the year, which is delayed compared to the original expectation. double freeform), variable aperture, and other technologies.

At the same time, Lin Enping said that because the sales were not well last year, customers generally lacked confidence in high-spec models.

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