Bosch will invest an additional 250 million euros to increase chip production capacity

Bosch said that the company will invest an additional 250 million euros (282.5 million US dollars) to expand its chip production facility in Reutlingen, Germany. In October 2021, Bosch announced that it will invest more than 400 million euros in 2022 to expand the scale of semiconductor factories in Dresden and Reutlingen, Germany, and will also establish a semiconductor testing center in Penang, Malaysia. As the world's largest auto parts supplier, the company hopes to increase chip production and solve the global chip shortage.

It is reported that the Dresden factory was established in June 2021 and mainly produces 300mm wafers. It was built by Bosch at a cost of 1 billion euros. The additional capacity in Reutlingen will come into effect in 2025, Bosch said in a statement.

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