Chen Mingyong: OPPO did not have a clear listing plan

OPPO founder Chen Mingyong recently responded to hot topics such as car building, listing, and high-end mobile phone market in an interview with the media. In April last year, it was reported that OPPO was preparing for car manufacturing, and Chen Mingyong had already conducted research and research on industry chain resources and talents. In this regard, Chen Mingyong said that smart cars and electric cars must be a transformation direction in the future, but the value of OPPO in them is limited at present, at least at this stage, the necessity of car building has not been found.

Regarding the rumors that OPPO is preparing to go public, Chen Mingyong said that at present, OPPO does not have a clear listing plan, but in terms of corporate governance, it will be listed at any time.

After the setback of Huawei's mobile phone business, almost all of the high-end market vacated by it was "eaten" by Apple. According to IDC data, in the first three quarters of last year in the Chinese market, Apple won 60.8% of the high-end market share (more than $600), Huawei's share dropped to 21.4%, and OPPO's share accounted for 4.3%.

Chen Mingyong believes that behind the breakthrough of the high-end market, there must be a large number of technological innovations, and key problems are solved through key technologies. This is a systematic and long process. What OPPO needs to do is to accumulate for a long time, and accumulate it for a long time.

He said that OPPO does not pay much attention to the sales ranking, and even if it is the first, it rarely promotes it, and the sales volume is only an indicator. Doing business is a very interesting thing, the real meaning is not on it. But people tend to look at some metrics, such as market capitalization when measuring companies. Just like a person, what is your happiness is actually the most important thing. But in reality, people are often measured by what kind of work they do and how much money they earn a year. This is misplaced, not logic.

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