China: Some Samsung S22 Ultra pioneer plan users received an extra 500 yuan in refunds

Recently Samsung officially released the Galaxy S22 series of state-owned mobile phones. Among them, it also launched a pioneering plan. Based on the principle of refunding more and not making up for less, Samsung recently began to refund 500 yuan to some users. However, according to feedback from netizens, some Galaxy S22 Ultra users received two 500 yuan refunds on their Alipay accounts, while other users received a 500 yuan refund on WeChat Pay.

However, since yesterday, Alipay has started to call Samsung S22 Ultra users who have refunded 500 yuan more, saying that there is a bug in the Samsung mall, and hope that users agree to refund 500 yuan.

After the release, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series will open a full pre-order event on the Samsung Online Store.

Consumers who book Galaxy S22 and S22 + now can have the opportunity to enjoy the exclusive privileges of "12 interest-free + Galaxy Buds2" or "12 interest-free + 400 yuan trade-in subsidy" or "24 interest-free installments"; Consumers who pre-order the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have the opportunity to choose one of the three exclusive benefits of "12 interest-free + Galaxy Buds Pro" or "12 interest-free + 600 yuan trade-in subsidy" or "24 interest-free installments". In addition, all consumers who successfully purchase the Samsung Galaxy S22 series can also have the opportunity to receive free official original travel chargers and special services such as three choices of valuable gifts.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series continues the trend of thinness and integration in the design. Among them, the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ use the iconic design of the Galaxy S series, and the camera module is closely intertwined with the frame of the fuselage. The shape of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has the tough lines of the Galaxy Note series, the camera module also adopts a new design, and the lens frame completely disappears.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is durable and environmentally friendly in terms of material selection, with a solid "armored aluminum" frame, a new Corning Gorilla Victus+ glass screen and back cover, and IPX68-level dust and water resistance. In addition, Samsung has used recycled ocean plastic to create eco-friendly materials used in parts of the Galaxy S22 series.

Samsung Galaxy S22 series screens are more intelligent. The whole series is equipped with the second-generation dynamic AMOLED screen. With the help of the new technology Vision Booster, it will dynamically present the most ideal picture tone according to the environment and display content; it has a peak value of up to 1750 nits Brightness so that users can clearly see the display content on the screen even in strong light outdoors.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series has a supervision imaging system and a new super cinema imaging system, which not only provides a more intelligent shooting experience but also brings new solutions for night scene shooting.

In addition, the top model Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is also equipped with a built-in S Pen for the first time, integrating the Galaxy Note series productivity experience. This new S Pen has ultra-low latency and rich features for efficient work, study, and creation.

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