Colorful game book star X15-XS will be launched

A year ago, the Colorful "Jiangxing X15" gamebook made a stunning debut, with Lei Zhenzi as the exclusive "spokesperson" of the Jiangxing series gamebooks, after a year, Lei Zhenzi re-launched with a new look back to the players.

On February 14, Colorful Technology announced on Weibo that the new [Jiangxing series game book] "Jiangxing X15-XS" will be launched at 0:00 on February 17th. The reshaping of Lei Zhenzi's IP and the improvement of the IP story make it more "technological" and "younger", and two new color schemes of Cangbo Blue and Xingyao Gray have been launched. The colorful game originally integrates national style elements with products, and brings a completely different image upgrade, catering to the unique aesthetics of domestic players.

The first generation of Star Games used star blue as the main color and the smooth A side, and many netizens also ridiculed "lack of national style elements". This time, the new colorful national style "Jiangxing X15-XS" launched two new color schemes, the bright and transparent "Cangbo Blue" and the deep and low-key "Xingyao Gray", bringing players a variety of choices. The A-side of the gamebook will be seamlessly covered by the selected main color system, and the sonorous and powerful word "will" will be attached to the A-side side.

In terms of configuration, the "Xiangxing X15-XS" series is equipped with 12th-generation Intel Core processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti discrete graphics cards, and the screen uses a 15.6-inch 144Hz IPS gaming screen with a resolution of 1920x1080, 2*8GB dual The mainstream combination of channel memory and 512GB SSD provides a stable environment for users' comfortable experience. In terms of heat dissipation, which players are extremely concerned about, it is equipped with a combination of large-size dual fans and 4 independent heat pipes and adopts an all-copper heat dissipation module design, which can quickly switch the heat dissipation mode with the Control Center. Introduce more configurations for players to choose from.

The "Colorful X15-XS (2022)" game book is released in two configurations: the i7-12700H RTX3050Ti 16G 512G first launch price is 6499 yuan; the i5-12500H RTX3050Ti 16G 512G first launch price is 6299 yuan; After the new product is launched, from February 17th to April 2nd, 2022, purchase the "Colorful Jiangxing X15-XS (2022)" series of notebooks in the flagship store of JD Colorful Computer to participate in the "Show Orders and Get Good Gifts" , draw a graphics card" welfare activities.

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