Google has created a smart desk lamp for employees

Google has created a smart desk lamp that supports Google Assistant, but ordinary users cannot buy it because this desk lamp is only available to Google employees. Google designer Ben Gold tweeted an image of the light, called dLight, noting that it "may never be sold outside of the company."

This ultra-modern design table lamp has a round base and slender lamp post with an oval-shaped lamp that can be pointed in different directions, pointing the lamp down towards your face during video calls, the lamp also comes with several lighting presets, as well as the ability to change the color temperature of the light.

FCC filings for the light show that it can connect to the internet and support Google Assistant, as it has a "Hey Google" logo on its label. While the USB-C port isn't visible in the picture, Gold says it does come with a USB-C port and also gets OTA updates.

Google employees in the U.S. can order dLights for free through the company as part of Google's efforts to improve the work-from-home experience, Gold said.

This isn't the first time Google has made employee-only products. In 2017, the company developed a pair of Google-branded over-ear headphones for its employees.

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