Gree Dong Mingzhu: making mobile phones is not to seize market share

Today Gree Electric will hold the first extraordinary general meeting of shareholders in 2022. This general meeting of shareholders will consider the proposal for the election of the company's new board of directors. The most concern in the market is whether Dong Mingzhu will be re-elected to the company. directorship.

According to the Financial Associated Press, it was learned at the shareholders meeting that Dong Mingzhu said when Gree Electric made a mobile phone that the move was not to seize market share but to have the company's own plans. She said that she would still "persist on making mobile phones", believing that "persistence will pay off."

In May last year, Dong Mingzhu said that he would continue to make mobile phones. "Our mobile phones can still make calls in Tibet. We can also develop customized functions according to the needs of a certain unit."

In 2015, Gree launched the first generation of mobile phones. Dong Mingzhu once said that the sales volume of Gree mobile phones was about tens of thousands. In 2018, Gree released a new generation of the second generation of Gree mobile phones. Digital blogger Mocha RQ once broke the news that the second generation of Gree mobile phones produced a total of 300,000 units. Because the price has no advantage, it will not be able to sell 10,000 units. The remaining 290,000 units can only be digested internally. In 2019, the third-generation Gree mobile phone was launched on Gree’s official website. At that time, some netizens found that after the third-generation Gree mobile phone was launched on the official website, only 16 units were sold.

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