Hefei: Focus on supporting the development of pillar industries such as new displays

Recently, the Hefei Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology and the Hefei Municipal Development and Reform Commission issued the "14th Five-Year Plan for Hefei New Generation Information Technology Development Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan").

The "Planning" proposes that by the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the development level of the new generation of information technology will be comprehensively improved, the advantageous industries will form the development ability to lead the world, a group of leading enterprises with global competitiveness will be gathered, and a regionally driven industrial system will be built. , cultivate a source of innovation and development with global influence, build a 500 billion-level industrial cluster with international competitiveness, and become an important growth pole for the city's economic development.

Key development areas and focus directions

New display

The new display is an important strategic and basic industry of the digital economy. With the rapid development and wide application of intelligent interconnection, AR/VR, etc., new display products have more forms, large-screen, high-resolution display products and vehicle display market are experiencing explosive growth, and the application field of small-size display products is expanding. A new type of display-centric interconnected ecology is accelerating.

In the next five years, Hefei City will continue to follow the development idea of ​​"leading enterprises - large projects - industrial chains - industrial clusters - industrial bases", look at the development trend of the global display industry and technology, focus on the forward-looking layout of new technologies and new products, and further improve the industrial chain , promote the gathering of high-quality enterprise resources, improve the quality and efficiency of development, actively strive to create a national-level new display advanced manufacturing cluster, and consolidate and develop the status of "global display capital".

Key direction one: TFT-LCD. Make full use of the existing industrial foundation, give play to the leading role of leading enterprises, strengthen the key supporting links of TFT-LCD, and further improve the industrial ecology. Support the large-scale and high-end development of products and technologies, encourage R&D and innovation of enterprises, take the lead in the layout around industrial development trends, accelerate the research and development of high-reflection LCD and stacked screen technologies, carry out research on key technologies for oxide backplanes, and develop technologies based on indium gallium zinc metal Oxide LCD display. Research and develop 8K 120Hz drive technology, and develop 65-inch and above 8K high-performance displays.

The second key direction: AMOLED. Promote the completion and mass production of the fully flexible AMOLED 6th generation line project. Support major technological innovation of AMOLED screen body, encourage leading companies to develop new backplane technology (LTPO), non-polarizer technology, extreme full-screen technology (under-screen camera), medium-sized screen technology (7~11 inches), high refresh rate, folding, curling screen technology, and other aspects to carry out scientific research and industrialization cooperation, to seize the global AMOLED market competition to the highest point. Actively guide the cooperation between the AMOLED industry and the intelligent terminal, intelligent networked vehicles, and other industries, and accelerate the common development.

Key direction three: microdisplay. Accelerate the promotion of the research, development and industrialization of micro-display technologies such as Micro OLED and Micro LED; take advantage of the first-mover advantage to determine the development path for the construction of the micro-display industry ecological chain, and promote the integration and application of micro-display fields such as “Ultra HD Video + 5G + AI” to improve Industrial development ecology, and accelerate the development of industrial agglomeration in the field of micro-display.

Key direction four: raw materials and key equipment. Improve the modernization level of the industrial chain, introduce and cultivate a number of key supporting projects, and increase the local supply rate of upstream key materials and equipment. Upstream raw materials further enhance the R&D and production capacity of substrate materials, liquid crystal materials, organic light-emitting materials, electronic chemicals, optical films, polarizers, display chips, masks, targets, etc.; key equipment focuses on the development of ion implantation, laser annealing, O / S inspection, laser stripping, laser repair, evaporation source, and other equipment.

Other key directions:

1. Laser display. Increase the independent research and development and industrialization of core materials and devices such as full-color laser light sources, ultra-high-definition imaging chips, and optical lenses; and deploy forward-looking laser display technologies such as holographic true three-dimensional display and multi-primary color display. 2. Mini LED backlight and direct display technology, active electro-quantum dot (AMQLED) technology. Actively carry out the next-generation display technology layout, promote the development of Mini LED backlight technology; break through the sideline technology, optimize the application of transfer technology, improve the transfer speed and yield, and promote the R&D and mass production of MiniLED direct display products on glass substrates. Encourage leading enterprises to accelerate the research and development and industrialization of active electro-quantum dot (AMQLED) technology.

Integrated circuit

The integrated circuit industry is a strategic, basic, and leading industry that supports economic and social development and safeguards national security. It is a core component of strategic emerging industries such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, big data, industrial Internet, and 5G. Accelerating the development of the integrated circuit industry is of great strategic significance to transforming the mode of economic development, safeguarding national security, and enhancing comprehensive national strength.

In the next five years, Hefei City will follow the principle of 'market orientation, application traction, innovation drive, and characteristic development, and take the local display, automobile, home appliances and green energy market demand as the traction to develop the chip design industry and the characteristic wafer manufacturing industry. Focusing on developing cooperation with leading domestic and foreign enterprises as the starting point, forming characteristic clusters in the fields of dynamic storage, panel driver chips, home appliance chips, etc., realizing industrial scale and overall competitiveness and entering the first phalanx of domestic cities, creating domestic and foreign brands The "IC Capital" of important influence.

Key direction one: dynamic memory chips. Support the production capacity improvement of dynamic memory projects and accelerate the pre-research of next-generation products. Focusing on building a dynamic memory industry ecology, actively cultivating and introducing upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain, accelerating the cultivation and introduction of key projects such as advanced packaging and testing, equipment, and materials, and strengthening industrial collaboration and core technology research. Cultivate and introduce links such as module integrated manufacturing, accelerate the construction and formation of a complete storage control chip solution, strive to become a national industrial innovation center and a manufacturing innovation center, and build a nationally influential storage industry base.

Key direction 2: Display driver chip. Promote the ramp-up of the production capacity of the display driver chip foundry project and the R&D and mass production of the 55nm logic process, and actively promote the design and manufacture of micro-display chips such as Micro OLED. Support the existing driver chip design companies to further improve the "design-manufacture-packaging and testing" industrial chain ecosystem, create a virtual "IDM" development model, actively promote the integration of driver chip companies into the supply chain of domestic and foreign flat panel display companies, and continuously expand the market to achieve new Display industry display driver chips are made in China and Hefei.

Key direction three: terminal chips such as home appliances and automobiles. Promote the "chip-screen-automobile" linkage, give full play to the advantages of the whole industry chain, support home appliance and automobile companies to establish various forms of R&D industrialization cooperation with chip design and manufacturing companies, and support manufacturing companies to expand the foundry of microprocessors and various logic chips business. Promote the joint optimization of algorithm innovation and chip design, and promote the research and development and industrialization of low-power smart voice chips, smart communication chips, high-precision human biosensors, and low-power Bluetooth modules suitable for smart wearable devices and other smart hardware. Encourage home appliance, automobile, intelligent terminal enterprises and local chip design enterprises to jointly develop and jointly develop customized and characteristic functional chips, and build a domestic leading R & D and manufacturing base for home appliances, automotive electronics, and intelligent terminal chips.

Key direction four: discrete devices and compound semiconductors. In terms of discrete devices, we actively introduce and cultivate leading IDM manufacturers at home and abroad, accelerate the research and development and production of power devices and radiofrequency devices, and promote the localization of chips in 5G base stations, network communications, security monitoring, and other fields. Breakthrough key chip design technologies such as DSP, power management, mobile communication, frequency conversion control, and navigation, and build a special-purpose chip design industry base with important domestic influence; in terms of compound semiconductor devices, GaN, GaAs, and SiC devices are the main development directions. Taking into account InP and other devices. Focusing on IDM, creating a compound semiconductor industry chain with the manufacturing process as the core, device design as the innovation point, and taking into account packaging and testing, to promote the development of compound semiconductor industry agglomeration.

Industrial Internet and Mobile Communications

The Industrial Internet is an industrial form that integrates industrial systems with advanced computing, analysis, sensing technology and Internet connectivity. It connects equipment, production lines, factories, suppliers, products, and customers through an open industrial-grade network platform to efficiently share the industrial economy. Various element resources in the manufacturing industry are promoted to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the manufacturing industry with automated and intelligent production methods. The advanced communication technology represented by 5G has the characteristics of high speed, low latency, and large connection.

In the next five years, Hefei will speed up the construction of 5G network infrastructure, make breakthroughs in a number of key technologies in 5G basic materials, core devices, network equipment, and intelligent terminals, create a number of distinctive and advantageous products, cultivate a number of backbone enterprises, and build an Approved 5G industry support platforms. At the same time, strengthen the construction of the three functional systems of network, platform, and security, empower the manufacturing industry with the industrial Internet, promote the advanced industrial foundation and the modernization of the industrial chain, and strive to create a national-level industrial Internet demonstration zone.

Key direction 2: 5G devices and equipment. Promote the agglomeration of the 5G RF front-end chip industry represented by filters, power amplifiers, etc., actively expand and strengthen the existing RF front-end chip companies in the field, support the introduction of complementary product companies, and realize the modularization capability of RF front-end chips. Actively promote the IDMization of RF front-end enterprises, and create an industrial cluster with distinctive features and high competition barriers for domestic 5G core chips. Accelerate the promotion of 5G applications, target key links in the 5G industry, and accelerate the construction of a 5G industry ecosystem with Hefei characteristics. Actively attract and cultivate system equipment manufacturers with vertical integration capabilities to promote the development and growth of the 5G industry.

The "Planning" proposes main tasks, including consolidating comparative advantages and promoting efficient and stable development of the industry; building an innovation system and improving the modernization level of the industrial chain; promoting industrial agglomeration, and building advanced manufacturing industry clusters; The talent highland brings together high-level talents at home and abroad; strengthens openness and sharing, and builds a new dual-cycle development pattern.

Consolidate comparative advantages and promote the efficient and stable development of the industry

Focus on the development of pillar industries. Focus on the existing development foundation of the industry, focus on supporting the development of pillar industries such as new displays, integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, and high-end software, and do a good job in the battle of advanced industrial foundation and industrial chain modernization. Support leading enterprises in various fields to increase investment in innovation, make breakthroughs in core technologies, promote key projects, and further promote the integrated development of the "chip-screen auto-combination" industry, providing strong support for building a new pattern of economic and social development in Hefei.

Breakthrough key core technologies. Encourage major scientific and technological basic research and breakthroughs in key core issues, based on advantageous industries, encourage leading enterprises in the industry chain to join small and medium-sized enterprises and scientific research institutes in universities, set up industrial innovation centers, and establish a collaborative innovation mechanism for risk-sharing and benefit-sharing. Increase capital investment by means of directional entrustment, the unveiling of key technologies, etc., to promote new display devices, high-end application chips, key basic materials, industrial Internet, next-generation communication technology, quantum information, etc. to achieve "stuck neck" technological breakthroughs. Maintaining advantages in advanced scientific and technological achievements and industrialization.

Build an innovation system and improve the modernization level of the industrial chain

Highlight the main role of enterprises in innovation. Taking the drive of innovation system as the foothold, and focusing on extending the chain, supplementing the chain, and strengthening the chain, we will comprehensively improve the level of advanced industrial foundation and modernization of the industrial chain. Implement the group leader system, chain leader system, an alliance leader system for industrial development, and further encourage leading enterprises to grow and develop, control core technologies, formulate industry standards, enhance the industry's right to speak, and compete for the commanding heights of the industry. Encourage enterprises to establish innovation platforms such as technology innovation centers, industrial design centers, and engineering research centers, strengthen innovation linkages between enterprises and scientific research institutes, and carry out key common technology research and development in key areas such as new displays, integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, and smart terminals And innovative technology transformation, support the cooperation between large and medium-sized enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and form an efficient and coordinated innovation system of production, education and research.

Promote industrial agglomeration and build advanced manufacturing industry clusters

Promote high-quality agglomeration development. Through the agglomeration of resource elements and preferential policies, we will promote the "four-chain integration" of the industrial chain, capital chain, talent chain, and technology chain, and continue to enhance the competitiveness of new display devices, integrated circuits, and artificial intelligence industrial clusters. Coordinate and coordinate the resources of relevant industrial clusters, improve the level of cooperation and support between upstream and downstream enterprises, focus on the joint development of "core-screen-end" in the fields of new display, integrated circuits, and other advantageous industries and home appliances, automobiles, smart terminals, etc., and cultivate the formation of Internet of Things, automotive Industry clusters in the fields of cross-integration of several new-generation information technologies such as electronics, servers, and smart sensors.

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