Honor Magic 4 series has passed 3C certification

A number of Honor models have recently passed the national 3C certification. Some digital bloggers called them the new Honor Magic4 series. Among them, the medium cup supports 66W fast charging, and both the large cup and the super cup support 100W superfast charge, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chip.

From the certification information, LGE-AN10 and LGE-AN20 are equipped with HN-200500C01 charging head as standard and support 66W or 100W fast charging, which should be what he called the Honor Magic 4 Pro and Magic 4 Pro+ (unnamed, code name) The LGE-AN00 is equipped with the HW-110600C00 charging head, supports 66W fast charging and is expected to be the basic version of the Honor Magic 4. The OEMs include BYD, etc. The two high-end versions seem to be produced only in their own factories.

The Honor official warmed up the phone today. The slogan is "the strength is unmatched, and the energy storage is on the verge of triggering", which means that the fast charging technology of the Honor Magic4 series has become stronger, and even from the promotional video, it seems that the new phone will have " "Visible to the naked eye" (wireless or wired) charging speed.

Honor has officially announced that the new generation of flagship Magic4 series will be released globally at the MWC World Mobile Communications Conference in Barcelona, ​​Spain at 8:00 pm on February 28th, Beijing time.

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