Huawei Hongmeng tablet MatePad Pro 10.8-inch new 6+128GB WLAN version

Huawei officially announced that the new Huawei MatePad Pro 10.8-inch will go on sale at 0:00 tomorrow, providing 6GB+128GB storage, only supports WLAN networking, equipped with HarmonyOS 2, supports global annotation, one-click excerpt, and other functions, it provides two color schemes and is priced at 3299 yuan.

Huawei released the Hongmeng HarmonyOS 2 tablet MatePad Pro 12.6/10.8 in June last year, equipped with Kirin 9000 / Snapdragon 870 chips respectively, but the 10.8-inch Huawei MatePad Pro configuration starts from 8GB+128GB (3799 yuan), some netizens expressed the need for a more basic model.

In addition to the significant improvement in fluency, Huawei MatePad Pro has undergone significant upgrades in interface design, interactive control, notification services, and distributed experience.

The new tablet also brings a variety of new features, such as the application bar at the bottom of the desktop, which can not only place frequently used apps but also display recently opened apps, so that users can quickly locate the apps they want to use; the universal card function can display specific information in real-time.

Huawei MatePad Pro can support multi-screen collaboration with PC, including three modes of mirroring, expansion and sharing. In mirroring mode, the PC screen is "copied" to the tablet, and the same screen is displayed on both screens. At this time, the tablet becomes the PC's screen. Drawing pad, you can use HUAWEI M-Pencil to electronically sign documents or draw finely.

In extended mode, Huawei MatePad Pro instantly transforms into a monitor to display more content. Users can open a certain software on the PC, and open another interface on the tablet as a reference, and it is more convenient for dual-screen comparison browsing. The sharing mode full of black technology is the first time to break through the barriers between HarmonyOS and Windows operating systems. Users can use the mouse of the PC to drag text, pictures, and files across the system in both directions, eliminating the tedious transmission process and realizing the cross-connection of files. Drag and drop sharing across devices.

In terms of user experience, the newly upgraded parallel horizon unlocks more new functions: in the single-window state, you can make full use of the blank areas on the left and right sides of the screen to slide up and down without moving your fingers to the window, and the interaction design is more intimate.

In the left and right split screen state, the user can make the left and right screens operate in parallel with the two window tasks of the application as if two identical applications are opened at the same time on one screen, such as some office apps. The window responds to instant messages, such as some e-commerce apps, which can make detailed comparisons of products from different merchants.

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