Huawei Mate40E Pro 5G with Kirin 9000L Coming March 3rd

Huawei is expected to release new variants of its old flagship smartphones as early as next week. According to rumors, these devices will be Huawei Mate40E Pro 5G and Huawei P50E 4G. The source writes that the Huawei Mate40E Pro 5G will go on sale in China on March 3rd. On the other hand, he says the Huawei P50E 5G will hit store shelves in mid or late March. Recently, two Huawei-branded smartphones received 3C certifications with model numbers NOH-AN50 and ABR-AL60. Both support 66W fast charging, however the former can connect to 5G networks while the latter is limited to 4G connectivity.

Therefore, NOH-AN50 is expected to be released as Huawei Mate40E Pro 5G, while ABR-AL60 is expected to be released as Huawei P50E 4G. As for the single-chip system, the first one is expected to use Kirin 9000L. The source adds that stocks of the Kirin 9000L will be very low, so he suggests that interested buyers purchase the phone as soon as it goes on sale.

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