Huawei's AR glasses patent is authorized

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. obtained the patent authorization of "AR glasses". The patent abstract shows that the AR glasses provided by the application can meet the imaging effect of people with different head circumferences and interpupillary distances when wearing them.

According to reports, the application relates to the technical field of intelligent electronic devices, in particular to AR glasses. The AR glasses include a display module, an adjustment mechanism, and a frame, and the display module and the adjustment mechanism are both arranged on the frame.

Wherein, the adjustment mechanism is configured to be able to adjust the image of the display module to be within a set field of view.

In December last year, Huawei launched new smart glasses with a detachable front frame design. These smart glasses are also the first glasses equipped with  HarmonyOS, which supports simultaneous connection of dual devices, one-key switching of multiple devices, and visual smart connection.

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