Intel i9-12900KS base power consumption 150W

According to the news of the whistleblower @momomo_us, there are now overseas distributors listing the product information of the i9-12900KS. The product code of the i9-12900KS is BX8071512900KS, the basic power consumption is 150W, which is 25W higher than that of the i9-12900K ; the maximum frequency of the CPU is 5.5GHz, which is 0.3GHz higher than that of the i9-12900K. The price of the i9-12900KS has reached 790 US dollars (about 5040.2 yuan), and the price of the National Bank may be higher because the price of the i9-12900K National Bank box has reached 4999 yuan.

The Intel conference on January 5, Gregory Bryant, Intel's executive vice president and general manager of the Client Computing Division, announced the new i9-12900KS. In terms of parameters, i9-12900KS is equipped with 8 large cores + 8 small cores. The single-core turbo frequency of the large core can reach 5.5GHz. During multi-core workloads, all large cores can maintain more than 5GHz. During game workloads, all large cores can reach 5GHz. 5.2 GHz. The nuclear display of the i9-12900KS is still the 32EU UHD 770 with a frequency of 1.55GHz, which is no different from the nuclear display parameters of the i9-12900K.

Intel said the chip is already in production and is ready to be released to OEM customers later this quarter. It is expected that the i9-12900KS will also have loose pieces.

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