Jio is developing an ARM laptop JioBook with Windows 10 pre-installed

One of India's most popular brands, Jio, is best known for its Indian mobile network and affordable subsidized devices. Sources say the company is about to launch a laptop, the JioBook, which was revealed in a recent hardware certification document.

Sadly, the document doesn't reveal any device specs, only that the notebook is ARM-based, not X86, and is certified to run an ARM version of Windows 10.

The document also mentions “Emdoor Digital Technology Co., Ltd.,” the laptop’s OEM, a Shenzhen-based company that specializes in the production of such hardware. Since the model of the device is "QL218_V2.2_JIO_11.6_20220113_v2", there are a lot of "218 series" devices on the Emdoor Digital Technologies website. However, all of these use Intel or AMD's X86 CPUs rather than ARM chips, and their designs also look vastly different.

In any case, the price of JioBook should be relatively close to the people.

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