Lenovo Savior Y90 mobile phone / Y700 tablet has three-speed performance mode

Lenovo released the warm-up information of the savior Y90 mobile phone and Y700 tablet, mainly introducing the optimization on the system. According to reports, Lenovo has launched ZUI [Savior Field] for the new Y90 mobile phone and Y700 tablet, with optional three-speed performance mode, GPU settings, and the setting panel can be suspended for display.

During the game, Y90 mobile phone and Y700 tablet support message pop-up, support QQ / WeChat floating window display. The Y700 tablet supports mobile phone mode and has a wider field of view.

The Lenovo Savior Y90 gaming phone and Y700 gaming tablet will be released on February 28. In terms of configuration, the Lenovo Savior Y90 is equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, equipped with 18GB LPDDR5 memory and supports 4GB virtual memory. Storage is UFS 3.1 + SSD configuration, totaling 640GB (512GB + 128GB). The screen is a 144Hz AMOLED screen (6.9 inches) that supports a 720Hz multi-finger sampling rate. The heat dissipation adopts dual-fan dual-fin liquid cooling. In other respects, this phone is equipped with a 5600mAh battery, supports 68W fast charging, supports Dolby Atmos, is equipped with 2*2 shoulder buttons, and is equipped with a ZUI 13 system.

The Lenovo Savior Y700 tablet will be equipped with an 8.8-inch 2K (2560*1600) 120Hz screen, a Snapdragon 870 processor, a 6550mAh large battery, which can run mainstream games for about 6 hours continuously and has a 45W super flash charge.

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