Microsoft Surface 5 will suit both Intel fans and AMD fans

Microsoft Surface 5 laptops will be much more productive than their predecessors and will offer both current processor platforms. The Surface 5 will reportedly have two different sizes. The younger one will receive a 13.5-inch display, while the older one will have a 15-inch panel. The aspect ratio will be 3:2. It's all identical to the screens on the Surface 4, but the Surface 5 will have 120Hz support.

There will also be a division by platform. In the case of AMD, this will be Ryzen 6000U, and for Intel, Alder Lake-P will perform. More specifically, the older model will be available with Core i7-1280P or Ryzen 7 6980U, while the younger one will get Core i5-1240P, Core i7-1280P, or Ryzen 5 6680U. 

In addition, the new laptop will receive a Thunderbolt 4 and a 58 Wh battery.  

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