Microsoft Surface Duo dual-screen AT&T customized version starts to push Android 11 system update

About a week after launching on the unlocked Surface Duo, the customized version of Microsoft's first dual-screen Android phone AT&T began to receive Android 11 system updates. The update is 2.3GB in size and brings some new features to Surface Duo users. The list includes auto-span apps, a new Photos app in OneDrive, the ability to launch OneNote with the Surface Slim Pen 2's top button, and more.

Here are the Surface Duo upgrades:

  • Enabled launching OneNote when clicking the top button on Surface Slim Pen 2. It requires Surface Slim Pen 2 to be paired with Surface Duo.
  • Enable in Settings for Surface Duo features to choose your preference for answering calls when folded.
  • Enable in Settings for Surface Duo features to select specific apps that automatically span two screens when both are turned on.
  • Optimized quick settings and notification width for portrait and landscape.
  • Adjust media volume directly from Quick Settings in any state.
  • Thumb mode is available in Microsoft SwiftKey for all device modes and application states.
  • The updated app drawer and folder design with improved drag and drop support.
  • Updated Microsoft feed design, updated cards, and new Microsoft Start widgets for news and weather.
  • A new dual-screen enhanced experience for viewing and editing photos in the OneDrive app.

Now that Android 11 has been pushed to the Surface Duo, the team can now look ahead to Android 12 L. This version of Android is specifically aimed at dual-screen devices like the Surface Duo, but it doesn't yet have an official release date, though rumors suggest Microsoft is leaning toward it instead of the regular Android 12. The update also means that the Surface Duo 2 and Duo 1 now use the same software and version of Android, which is good for consistency.

Users can first connect to Wi-Fi and check Android 11 on the Surface Duo. You can then go into settings, select System, and then System Updates. There, click Check for Updates, then reboot now. Surface Duo will download updates in the background and prompt you to restart.

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