Microsoft Surface Duo dual-screen phone successfully boots Win11 ARM64

Recently, Microsoft has brought an update and upgrade of Android 11 to the first generation of Surface Duo, but Microsoft's Surface Duo dual-screen phone was originally to run Windows 10X until Microsoft abandoned this project, switch to Android.

Hacker developer Gustave Monce of the main LumiaWoA project (which ported Windows 10 to Microsoft's Lumia 950XL phone) had previously managed to get hold of a Microsoft Surface Duo Android dual-screen phone to work on a Windows 11 ARM port.

Now that the project has made new progress, Microsoft Surface Duo has successfully launched the Windows 11 ARM64 system.

Microsoft has officially stopped supporting Windows 10  Mobile before, but with the efforts of the WoA project developers, there will still be developers to flash the new system for the old Lumia and new Android models.

A group of independent developers has been maintaining an unofficial Windows on ARM project for the past few years, known as WOA, as Microsoft provides a compatible version of Windows 10 for ARM devices. Now that Microsoft has released the  Windows 11  ARM version, there are new systems to try.

Starting in 2019, the Lumia mobile phone flashing Windows 10 ARM (WOA) project, which is a collection of third-party developers, has also been launched on GitHub, including all LumiaWOA-related projects.

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