Fujifilm: More than 4000 pictures in a folder cannot be read by macOS

Fujifilm said it was developing a patch to fix an incompatibility issue that prevented users of certain X-series and GFX-series cameras from accessing some of their files on macOS. Officially, the problem only occurs when a user writes more than 4,000 files to a folder on an SDXC card within the camera, and then tries to access those files using an internal or external card reader connected to the Mac.

It is reported that this problem has existed since at least May 2021.

Although Fujifilm says the problem occurs when "more than 4,000" files are stored in a single folder on the memory card, the exact number appears to be 4,096 based on user reports. When these files are exceeded, users will only see 4,096 files when they connect their memory cards to their Macs.

Camera models affected by this issue include GFX100, GFX100S, GFX50S II, X-Pro3, X-T4, X-S10, X-E4, X-T30 II, X100V. There are also some cameras that are only affected with specific firmware versions, including the GFX50S (4.00 and above), GFX50R (2.00 and above), and the X-T3 (3.20 and above).

Fujifilm warns customers to take extra care to properly eject their memory cards and recommends following the steps on Apple's website. Some files may be deleted if the memory card is not ejected properly and then "connected directly and accessed a second time using macOS," the company said.

Fujifilm is also asking customers with new or recently formatted SDXC cards to avoid saving more than 1,000 pictures to a single folder within the camera. Once a folder has nearly 1,000 pictures, Fujifilm says it will create a new folder in the camera and store the other pictures in that folder. As for SDXC cards that already have files saved, the company provides detailed instructions on how to smoothly download files to your computer.

Fuji said it is working on a firmware patch to "limit the number of files that can be written to a single folder," which will be available as a free update to all affected X-series and GFX-series cameras, but the company did not say when it will roll out.

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