New ThinkPad T14 / T16 released

Lenovo officially released a new generation of ThinkPad T14 / T16 notebooks, optional Intel and AMD latest mobile processors, equipped with a 16:10 ratio screen. The new ThinkPad T14 / T16 can be equipped with 12th-generation Core vPro processors and AMD Ryzen PRO 6000 processors, with up to 32 GB LPDDR5 memory (AMD) and 48GB DDR5 memory (Intel), and SSD up to 2TB.

The new ThinkPad T14 / T16 has an optional core display configuration, and the independent display version can choose NVIDIA MX550 and RTX 2050. 

According to foreign media NoteBookCheck, the new ThinkPad T14 and T16 bodies use more magnesium metal, and the palm rest is also made of metal. The new ThinkPads now offer a keyboard with 1.5mm key travel instead of the previous 1.8mm.

In terms of screen, the new ThinkPad T14 and T16 now use a 16:10 ratio screen, the T14 is 2240 x 1400 resolution, and the T16 is 2560 x 1600 resolution.

The new ThinkPad T16 AMD version and T14 AMD version both starts at $1,300 (about 8,229 yuan), the Intel version of the T14 starts at $1,400 (about 8,862 yuan), and the Intel version of the T16 starts at $1,420 (about 8,988.6 yuan). The Intel model will be available in April, while the AMD version won't be available until June.

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