Nintendo Switch buttons, joysticks, etc. may be damaged even if the screen is not broken

Nintendo officially tweeted today that the buttons and joysticks may be damaged even if the Switch falls to the ground even if the screen is not broken. Nintendo reminds users to take care to protect the Switch from dropping or hitting hard objects.

Nintendo's reminder seems to be indicating that the Switch's buttons and joysticks are more fragile than the screen, and don't assume that the screen is fine without other components. However, netizens didn't seem to take Nintendo's reminder very seriously. Some netizens said, "It's so caring, otherwise I don't know if I can't fall to the ground", "People will die if they are killed."

In July last year, Nintendo reminded players not to play the Switch in a high-temperature place, otherwise, the intake and exhaust ports of the Switch may be blocked and the fuselage will become hot. Nintendo recommends that players try to use the Switch at a temperature of 5~35°C, and at the same time, keep the air intake and exhaust ports of the host unblocked.

As of January this year, the total sales of Nintendo Switch have reached 103 million units, and Nintendo has also made huge profits because of it. According to Nintendo’s financial report for the third quarter of fiscal 2022, Nintendo’s operating profit for the quarter reached $2.27 billion, a year-on-year increase of 10%.

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