Nubia releases 65W gallium nitride four-port charger

Nubia today launched a 65W four-port gallium nitride charger with a deuterium front energy block. The pre-sale has already started. The starting price is 179 yuan. For sale, the retail price is 199 yuan. The charger adopts a foldable plug design, is small in size, and adopts the third-generation overclocking technology. Adopt 3C1A four-port design, equipped with Neo charge fast charging technology, dynamically distribute power, no need to distinguish between fast-charging sockets, and the maximum output of C can be up to 65W. Compatible with mainstream fast charging protocols such as PC / QC / SCP / FCP / AFC, it can quickly charge the notebook and fully charge the Macbook Air 13 in 90 minutes.

Real-time voltage and current monitoring, automatic adjustment immediately when abnormal, to protect mobile phone battery life. The automatic shunt system detects whether the mobile phone is in a low battery state, turns on/off the high-speed and trickle mode, and protects the mobile phone charging safety. The set comes with a 5A 100W dual Typc-C data cable, which is compatible with Type-C connection devices such as mobile phones, notebooks, and headphones.

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