Nubia Z40 Pro warm-up: the first Android flagship to support wireless magnetic charging

Today Nubia’s official Weibo post warmed up the new flagship Z40 Pro, saying that the Nubia Z40 Pro supports wireless magnetic charging, and there is electricity when you touch the “magnet”.

The so-called magnetic charging is similar to the MagSafe magnetic charging of the iPhone 12. The MagSafe magnetic charging technology adds a more accurate and efficient magnetic charging solution to the wireless charging technology, which can better align the position of the charging board. The principle is to use a magnet to automatically calibrate the charger for optimal charging.

Realme has previously launched the Realme Flash, a wireless magnetic charging the mobile phone that supports 50W, but it has not been mass-produced. The Nubia Z40 Pro should be the first Android flagship mobile phone that supports wireless magnetic charging in mass production.

The Nubia Z40 Pro will be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 flagship processor, the first industry-customized optics, 35mm humanistic lens, and the memory will reach 16GB. At the same time, the first aerospace-grade heat dissipation material will be launched, which will be a flagship image. Experience the top flagship product, the machine will be officially released in February.

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