Nvidia's "hack" follow-up: Hackers are selling GA102/104 mining unlocking algorithms

On February 26, Bloomberg, The Daily Telegraph, The Verge, and other media reported that Nvidia was attacked by ransomware. Afterward, Nvidia responded, saying that it was investigating the incident and that Nvidia’s business and commercial activities would continue as normal.

Now, foreign media VideoCardz reported the follow-up news of NVIDIA's "hack", saying that the hacker group threatened to release NVIDIA GPU driver and firmware data, and was selling the GA102/104 LHR unlocking algorithm.

According to reports, the hacker group LAPSUS$ claimed to have obtained 1TB of Nvidia data, including driver, schematic,s or firmware information. In addition, the group is also selling algorithms for unlocking GA102 / GA104 GPU LHR V2 to lift mining restrictions on RTX 30 series graphics cards.

Earlier that Nvidia tried to "hack" the organization by encrypting the stolen data, but the group had made a copy in a virtual machine environment, meaning that Nvidia's countermeasures were unsuccessful.

At present, Nvidia has not shared more news related to the incident for the time being.

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